Don’t Be AfraidĀ 

Written and recorded over one weekend, the song is filled with raw emotion in memory of one of Kory’s schoolmates that tragically died in a car accident the night before going into the studio. Beautiful melody and lyrics underscored with piano and just a touch of strings is all that is needed to express Kory’s heartfelt song.

Crying for America – Kory Shore

This was Kory’s first music video which was released during his 8th grade year. Since then his singing and musical ability has greatly improved, but there’s nothing like seeing his first music video.



Why Dont You Come With Me? – Kory Shore (Official Music Video)

Kory Shore’s brand new music video featuring his entire band, Kory Shore on guitar, Kory Shore on keyboards, Kory Shore on drums and Kory Shore on vocals captured on the stage of Rock n’ Roll After School in Phoenixville, PA.



“Why Don’t You Come With Me?” live performance

One of Kory’s first public performances. He’s performed many times in school but hardly ever out in public in front of people he doesn’t know. This was at Steel City coffee house, a small coffee shop in his home town. Maybe not the biggest gig but it’s a start!



“Crying for America” live at Steel City

This is a live performance of Kory’s single “Crying for America”. For all of those who say he can’t sing just watch this video and see for yourself!



National Anthem

This was filmed at Delaware County courthouse.


In Diapers

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